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Bird/Duck Parts and Pieces plus Bob and Josh Guge Stuff

2-Part Generic Bird Feet
These feet can be used for a number of different birds and almost no one, except perhaps a real bird, can tell the difference. These are two-part feet: the leg is made with a stronger alloy to enable it to support the weight of the bird, and the foot is made with a softer alloy to give you a bit of movement in the toes.
Bird, Duck, Fish and Reptile Eyes
Our eyes are of superior quality with no wires to hinder placement.Flat-back with excellent color.
Bob Guge Cast Birds & Josh Guge Cast Fish
Whether it's a realistic bird you are looking for, or a realistic fish, the Guges have you covered!
Cast-In-Pewter Bird and Duck Feet by Richard Delise
Richard Delise has been making exceptional reproductions of bird and duck feet since 19??. He has the best quality and the most selection of anyone on the market.
We have had a very long relationship with the world-renowned songbird carver and bird of prey miniaturist, Bob Guge and his world champion fish carving son, Josh. If you know anything about birds or fish, you know of Bob and Josh's reputations in the carving world.
How many times have you thrown away a perfectly good bird leg when you just needed a couple of toes sticking out from under a fluffed up, perching little bird? "Chesterfield" from New Jersey supplies us with these "toes only" specimens.

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