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Power Carving - Bits, Burrs, Discs & Sleeves

Diamond burrs, like rubies, are used in the finishing stages of carving. With four different sources of supply, we offer you as vast an assortment as you'll find anywhere.
These diamond burr sets are pretty cheap, but they won't owe you anything by the time you wear them out!
DURA-Grit Carbide Burs
LONG LIFE TUNGSTEN CARBIDE HIGH SPEED ROTARY TOOLS! 1/8" dia. Shafts - Run at Speeds Up To 35,000 RPM! Use on DREMEL, Foredom, WeCheer, Ryobi, Black & Decker and Other High Speed Rotary Tools!
If you want a nice smooth finish when using a carbide cutter, these will work for you.Since these cutters act just like a knife or gouge, you have to "go with the grain" of the wood when cutting with them.
These carbide burs have been used in many industrial applications for a number of years.Then a woodcarver discovered just how great they work in wood.And the rest is history.The silver colored ones are more aggressive than the gold colored ones.
Whatever we haven't covered in any of the other sections is covered here.Look closely so you don't miss anything.
Ruby carvers are used when you get more toward the finishing stages of your carving.They come in fine, coarse and super coarse grits.
SaburrTooth Carbide Burrs, Discs, Sleeves & Wheels
These unique, structurally aligned tungsten carbide points leave a smoother finish than other types of tungsten carbide burs. They last longer and do not load as quickly. The orange ones are hyper aggressive. The green ones are more aggressive than the yellow ones.
Sapphires are similar to ruby carvers with one major difference:they will last longer!They are more aggressive than the fine rubies, but not quite as aggressive as the coarse rubies.
These are the cutter you use when you want to still take off some wood, yet not be quite as aggressive as some of the carbide burrs.
When you get ready to make them feathers or do that fur, check this section out and you will find what you need.

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