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Flexcut Accessories
Here are the accessories Flexcut offers to keep their tools sharp and safe.
Flexcut Draw Knives
When you need to remove a lot of wood at once, these draw knives will do the trick. Great for removing tree bark from canes or walking sticks.
Flexcut Folding Knives
Flexcut folding multi-tools are designed for woodcarvers and general woodworking. Their unique locking device allows for profiles other than flat, straight blades to be locked in place.
Flexcut Full-Size Mallet Tool Sets
These Flexcut tools "do not flex". They are intended for hard use with or without a mallet in hard or soft woods. We do not stock any of the individual Flexcut mallet tools, but we can order any of them upon your request.
Flexcut Individual Palm Tools (not found in any set)
Flexcut makes a number of tools which are very useful, but not part of any set. Profiles include various chisels, gouges, spoons, veiners and V-Tools.
Flexcut Knives & Sets
Flexcut knives are made with the same edge-holding steel used in all their other tools that have grown in popularity over the years. Great feel to the contoured and tapered handles make these a favorite among woodcarvers.
Flexcut Palm Tools & Sets
Flexcut offers a wide selection of palm tools and sets. All of the tools that comprise these sets are available individually.
Flexcut Power Handle Tools & Sets
A number of carvers with beefier hands liked the Flexcut tools, but didn't like the smaller palm handles. Flexcut has equipped some of their more popular tools with the larger handle from their 8" tools. Made those big-handed folks real happy!
Flexcut Reciprocating Cutters & Sets
These Flexcut cutters will make your reciprocating carver perform at a much more efficient level. A variety of profiles are available.
Flexcut Scorps & Sets
These tools are essentially right-angled gouges designed for carving areas where the full length of a gouge will not fit.Carvers will find them useful for hollowing deep, narrow cavities. Right and Left-handed models are available.
Flexcut Unhandled Tools & Sets
These compact tools are great for traveling. Designed in conjunction with Flexcut QC (quick connect) handles, they can be used by hand or with any number of reciprocating power carvers. 3 handle options allow them to be used for small details or light mallet work for roughing out.

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