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Hand Tools - OCC Tools (Formerly Denny Tools)

Save money and look into a set. Beginner, "Short Cut" and "Mini Tool" sets are currently available from OCCT.
OCC Tools Preferred by Rick Jensen
This scoop and skew are the personal favorite of " Barkboy " Rick Jensen - a talented artist from Crookston, Minnesota.
OCCT Bent Gouges
These gouges are a favorite of relief carvers as well as spoon and bowl carvers. All the gouges come with slightly rounded corners on the cutting edge.
All of the available Chip Carving Knives by OCCT are featured here
OCCT Chisels
Even though gouges and v-tools are used more than other tools, there is always a need for a flat chisel. OCCT makes a variety of sizes, super sharp, ready to go.
OCCT Detail Knives
All your needs for a detail knife can be fulfilled from OCCT's assortment of custom made detail knives.
OCCT Gouges And Veiners
Just about any of your gouge needs can be fulfilled with this nice assortment OCCT has available. All their gouges and veiners come with slightly rounded corners on the cutting edge.
OCCT Knives
You will not find a better assortment of carving knives than the OCCT knives that we offer. From the standard straight-bladed knives to the specialty ones, we've got you covered.
The "Short Cut" tools by Mike Shipley come with a shorter shank and shorter handles. Great for getting in close to your work. The "Mini Tools" are intended for finer, delicate work. They come with a 5" pencil-like handle.
OCCT Specialty Tools
You need to take a look at these really special tools OCCT has created. They are designed to get you out of difficult carving situations and make life a lot easier.
OCCT V-Gouges
The reason why these tools are called "V-Gouges" is because where the wings of the V meet, it is shaped like a small gouge instead of a sharp V. With the large 5/8" size, you can use the wings as a knife edge when needed.

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